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Kit Heathcock portraitOnce I turned in my last essay on Italian literature at the University of Exeter, I never planned to write anything again. I spent my twenties roaming Italy, working for an upmarket walking holiday company, organising gourmet menus, making elaborate picnics, taking photos and honing my love of food.

Life in the London photography studio where I met my husband taught me about the pictorial side of the media with fashion shoots and portrait photography; but it wasn’t until our small children put the travel bug on hold and we moved our lives to a small farm outside Cape Town in 2002, that I turned to writing, first for fun and then as a new career.

Food is my top thing to write about, whether it’s the basics of home-made bread baking or a review of the latest fine dining restaurant. And I’m equally happy researching and writing about a wide range of lifestyle subjects, including travel and interviews with all sorts of people.