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Homespun by Matt fills that experiential gap between good bistro food and fine dining. All the rich flavours and robust comfort-food satisfaction of the best bistro food with the beautiful presentation and celebratory pizzazz that fine dining brings to the table. The Blouberg restaurant opened in 2015 and its quirky exuberance quickly attracted a loyal following...

Fun dining, not fine dining is the focus of the Nguni Café pop up at Vergelegen Wine Estate. The café has been put up temporarily in one of the pastures that is home to the farm’s herd of Nguni cattle, with long views to the mountains and the herd companionably munching hay at the fence right by...

There are two ways to go when visiting Makers Landing for lunch. Adopt a pick and mix approach, with everyone choosing something from a different food pod and sharing bites. Or decide on one of the three sit down restaurant spaces, Pitso’s Kitchen, Emazulwini and Conscious Meat Merchants. We made several circuits, reading menus, watching the vendors cooking...

To start a business during a pandemic is brave. To start a new food business even braver. To open a new food destination at a cruise terminal when there are no cruise ships is beyond brave and might even seem foolhardy, but Makers Landing which opened its doors in December 2020 is making it work. It’s at the...

Crisp sugar glazed crust giving way to flaky pastry and a luscious filling of thick crema pasticceria, the cannoncini at Caffé Milano are a sensory delight. Like mini cannoli, they are a Northern Italy speciality and one that Chef Giorgio Nava makes to perfection. They are baked fresh every day and you can taste and feel that in...
Kit Heathcock

Writing your stories
and mine

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but words tell the stories behind the pictures. Stories connect us as people; well written content is essential, whatever field you work in. I tell your stories and mine. I’m a freelance writer with experience in print journalism, magazines, brand building and web content. As you see from my blog, food is my compass in this world – good food brings people together, connects people across cultures and always has a story to tell.

Having written the food and restaurant column for Sunday Times Neighbourhood for five years, I love writing about anything and everything to do with fabulous food, restaurants, people, places, lifestyle and travel. I’m based near Cape Town, South Africa and write for local publications and international brands.

Check out my portfolio for a selection of published articles from print publications including Sunday Times Neighbourhood, Opulent Living, Good Housekeeping, Real Estate. Contact me to chat about commissioning editorial articles and brand content. And tell me about any South African food news for consideration in my blog.

In my blog I explore Cape Town and surrounds through food - restaurants and cafes, old and new, fine dining, family-friendly, pop-ups and casual street food. Every plate has a story and I’m looking forward to telling as many of them as I have time to taste!

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Popular Recipes

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